Thursday, January 7, 2010

Women going to France with no visas

What is Ambition?

When somewhere in your heart, you are convinced. When the whole world tells you to stop and give in, yet you remain steady and focused. When no one looks towards you and still somewhere in your mind, you know you have a chance.

Take it.

Nothing will ever come to you if you don’t start walking in its direction. So whether you define it as financial expansion, as happiness, as power, as education, sports, health, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter as long as you walk.

Stay focused.

I learned that even women in the far end of my country had ambitions. They too wanted their work to be recognized. Sky is their only limit and it is looking pretty bright these days.
Proud? They definitely are…Ambitious? To the bones…and bound together, they’ve always been; because city lights haven’t blinded them, because divided, they know they would fall, and because together they are building their ultimate dreams. Brick by brick, day by day, they are building the longest, steadiest bridge from the heart of Lebanon to the biggest continents.

Lift people with you.

When a precious mother knows that her own son living in Italy goes regularly to France and buys products made by his mother’s hands and love and those of her friends, she knows she’s made it. She knows she crossed those endless borders and needed no visas nor check controls. All she had was an ambition; a desire; a possibility that she chose to pursue.

Fair Trade Lebanon is a means, a link between forgotten cooperatives and responsible consumers but not a miracle doer. Guts and Perfectionism are qualities we learn and develop everyday and in every specific scale of our work.

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  1. Bel article,interessant et très bien écrit. Les jolies métaphores aident à rendre le message percutant. J'attendrai vos autres articles et les lirai avec beaucoup de curiosité et d'intérêt.