Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010, Bring it On !

A New Year is awaited by the whole team. We’ve reorganized our office and painted some bright colors on the walls. We sent the big load of old labels and carton packs for recycling.
We got much more space now and are intending to hit 2010 with a bunch of great new ideas and challenges.

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Logistic and Distribution
  • Projects and Partnerships
All of the above, each one after the other, and all of them together are going to boost our mission.

Year 2010 will represent our first steps into the Lebanese market. It will be a year of Sales with a capital S. We are targeting the regional market and reinforcing our presence in Europe and North America.

Year 2010 will define a new and more complex distribution strategy. Our team will be even more interdependent, each person operating as a vital link in the chain.

Year 2010 is a campaign of wake-up calls. Our land is our future and in FTL we are developing long-term projects and partnerships that will allow us to strengthen and measure our social impact on our cooperatives, their families, their lands and their communities.

Finally, Year 2010 is a year closer to You. Share our enthusiasm and be part of the adventure. Our backbone is a new and young generation that is conscious about reality and willing to stand up and face it.

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