Friday, April 15, 2016

10 Fun & Easy Easter Crafts To Do With Your Kids!

Candy Envelope Bunnies

A fun way to say "Happy Easter" is with paper-envelope rabbits, bearing treats, of course! Use pompoms for the nose, thick paper to create the envelope and ears and fill it with goodies your kids love!
By: Martha Stewart

Colorful Paper Grass

How about using some "green" grass in kids' Easter baskets this year? Use shredded multi-colored paper and curl them with scissors to fill and decorate the inside of your Easter eggs basket.
By: Martha Stewart

Colorful Easter Egg Cup Stands

Go wild with colorful and patterned paper: cut them, roll them and stick them together using superglue or staples to create trendy Easter eggs cup stands. Last touch: draw faces on the eggs using a simple black and red markers. 
By: Indesignartsandcrafts

No-Dye Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Use stickers and markers for a fun and creative way to decorate your Easter eggs. No artificial dyes here!
By: Pinterest.


Easter Bunny and Chick Fingerprint Craft

Make the cutest paintings using just your child's thumbprint, a stamp pad and a marker. Your little one is sure to love this sweet and easy craft, ideal for personalizing an Easter card or just a fun poster to hang in the room this season!

Bunnies & Chicks Decorated Plant Pots
Start by painting the plant pots, wait until dry, then paint their cheeks with a different color, wait again until dry. Stick crafty eyes and decorate their mustache, feathers...
By: Pinterest.

Pastel Easter Bunny Giveaways

Decorate small mason jars by adding bunny ears on their lids and drawing eyes and nose with a marker on the front side; fill them with candy as a gift giveaway for kids.
By: Pinterest.

Fuzzy Bunny Paper Plate 

This is a cute, fuzzy bunny craft your kids will just adore. You'll need cotton balls, a paper plate and a few other supplies to create this little bunny face, which makes a precious decoration for a door or the fridge this Easter.
By: All kids network.

Easter Egg Mustache Men
Googly eyes and some colorful paper mustaches cut from colored paper from the craft bin make it easy to create a half-dozen Easter egg mustache men who look a little bit like a barbershop quartet ready to serenade the table.
By: Coolmompicks.

Bunny Paper Bags 

Make these easy and quick-craft bunny bags as favors for children: fill them with treats, small gifts or anything fun! All you need is white lunch bags, thick paper, tape and scissors!
By: Goodhousekeeping.

Spend time with your kids doing these easy and fun Easter crafts and let them bring out all the creativity in them! Enjoy and happy Orthodox Easter to all!

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