Monday, May 31, 2010

Fair Trade has 1001 destinations for You

You are probably sitting on your couch or behind your desk at work or at home...We're guessing the sun is probably up and you feel it's quiet warm, you are probably wondering which window to open and let some wind in. Lebanon is actually starting to get hot...We guess we're on the same pace as Canada and Europe today.
So here is the deal...we selected some products that would freshen up your day. Products of Fair Trade, some we tasted & loved, and others we would like to come across real soon.
The aim is to give you a glimpse of many items available in the realm of Fair Trade and show you how this movement thrives to be truly global and affect as many small producers as possible.

ETHIQUABLE launched a Thai Rice beer! Must be great with barbecues.

You can also taste Alter Eco's Green Tea leaves picked in India and flavored with Jasmine

Or how about some spicy banana chips from Ecuador? (We tasted those, so crunchy!)

Also, OXFAM has selected a wide range of coffee beans exported from Latin American countries

ALTER ECO brings us some great chocolate as well; The white Chocolate with Coco is deliciously addictive. You will eat the whole bar all by yourself (trust me.)

We still haven't mentioned the Mango Juice from Peru, the Cashew Nuts from Africa, the Sugar Cane from Haiti...Ah this is mind-torturing!!

Welcome to our World...You are now stuck with us!

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